The Residency Program is a core part of This Will Take Time. Most residencies take place in Point Arena, though we periodically partner with other organizations to help them setup their own programs. We welcome artists, but are equally interested in hosting writers, scientists, activists, teachers, students, collectives, families, and beyond. We believe anyone can benefit from a residency to work and think in a new environment.

We publish specific Open Calls for residents to address specific issues or use a particular resource on the property. The general application remains open year-round and new residents are selected each season.

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Residencies take place on our expansive property in Point Arena, a small coastal town 3 hours north of the Bay Area. The varying terrain spans 80 acres and includes open fields, forrested areas, a creek, and a pond. The entire area is open to exploration and experimentation. The property is walking distance from the coast and the 1665 acres of the Stornetta public lands. Point Arena Main Street is also a 15 minute walk away and has a co-op grocery store, a small library, a couple bars, a community-run theater and other local establishments. To some, we hope the property will merely be a jumping off point to explore the region and communities that surround us.

What to Expect

We are currently in the process of developing the property as a more substantial resource. If you join us, you'll be among the first residents and we'll be figuring some things out along the way. By initiating the residency program in our early days, we hope residents will play a large part in shaping what is possible.

You will likely meet us in San Francisco, where we'll set off together to Point Arena. During the residency you will have a private room in a large wooden farmhouse. The house is comfortable and well-equipped with modern ammenities. You will have shared access to the kitchen, library, bathrooms, and common areas. Though you may be alone for some period of the residency, assume 1-3 other residents will be sharing the house with you.

Currently, our primary resource is access to the land and the facilities on the property. There are projects underway to support a much larger woodshop and private studios, but for now, we have a great environment to focus and/or make a mess. Though residencies are self-directed, we are also here to help you with your project and get you situated and connected to a larger community. Feel free to get in touch to discuss anything in more detail. Here's a little list as well:

- library and reading room
- wifi internet access
- woodshop with power tools
- photo and video equipment
- shared truck for getting around town and purveying materials
- tractor for doing crazy shit
- unobstructed time
- a place to stay in San Francisco if you need it!

In 2017, we are able to provide several funded opportunties. For general residencies, financial support may be provided as stipends to cover food, materials, and travel. Stipends can range from $100-$1000 and are awarded based on need.

We will happily provide letters of recommendation for other funding sources you may choose to pursue.

Time is plentiful here. We encourage you to apply for a few weeks or a few months. We are interested in projects that reach out long-term and take time, as our name suggests. This could mean a long stay or series of residencies that unfold over the years.

This residency should for your benefit, not ours. Any work you make here is 100% yours, and we have no expectations about what you do or don't do when you are through with the residency.

How to apply

General Residencies in Point Arena are available to anyone, and we accept applications on a rolling basis. Specific residencies with more defined guidelines will be listed as Open Calls.

Applications are awarded seasonally, as space and funding permits. Critical and investigative projects in any field of study that relate to or address our general commitments will be given priority. We encourage you to apply individually or as a collective.

General Residency Application → Apply now

You will be asked to provide the following:
- Your name and contact details
- A statement or bio (300 word or less)
- Relevant links and content
- Why you would like to be a resident, and/or a specific project proposal
- Preferred dates
- Stipend or budget request

We will notify you upon receiving your application and be in touch pending further review. Don't hesitate to email us if you have questions.

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